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Welcome to FreeROI’s documentation!

FreeROI is a versatile image processing software developed for neuroimaging data. Its goal is to provide a user-friendly interface for neuroimaging researchers to visualize and analyze their data, especially in defining region of interest (ROI) for ROI analysis.

Currently, FreeROI could run on multiple platforms, including:

  • ubuntu/debian
  • centos/redhat/fedora
  • mac osx
  • windows

For windows users, an exectable version is available. Unzip the package, double click freeroi.exe to run the program.

For other users, a guide about how to install is available on FreeROI@Github.

Also, we have created a google group for collaboration. If you hava any question about FreeROI, just feel free to join the group:


We also thank the following for their contributing to this software:

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