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FreeROI is a versatile image processing software developed for neuroimaging data. Its goal is to provide a user-friendly interface for neuroimaging researchers to visualize and analyze their data, especially in defining region of interest (ROI) for ROI analysis.


As its name revealed, FreeROI is focused on the region of interest data analysis method. It has:

  • Powerful ROI generating and labeling methods, and the corresponding toolset and pipelines, which could be used to reliably and efficiently creating ROIs specifically for multi-modal neuroimaging analysis (eg. fMRI, Resting, DTI...), see ROI Generation
  • Two modes to view and explore neuroimage data, including a sigle-orientation slicing viewer, and a three-orientation slicing viewer. A 3D volume viewer would also be available in the near future. For details see Data Viewing
  • A bunch of data processing tools to manipulate and analyzing neuroimage data, see Data Analysis Toolset
  • Support for both 3D and 4D neuroimage data, which is very useful for batch processing, see Data format

FreeROI is currently under active developing and maintaning by a group of experienced neuroimage data analysists, the following are some upcoming features:

  • more ROI statistical analysis functions
  • more automatic ROI generating functions based on machine learning strategies
  • support for surface neuroimaging data format